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Need orange or lemon slices for your drinks.

Slice up an orange and a lemon and freeze them.

No need to buy fresh lemons.


man waering party hat with drink in hand and tinsel around neckWe have all been to so many Christmas parties.  What could be easier to organise?  Or is it so easy?

Stick to the same or change?

There may be an existing formula.  People may be upset if you depart from it, and if it’s working, why should you?  However, perhaps the formula is getting stale, and something new is needed to keep up the energy.
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A nice retreat for an away day

What’s an “awayday”?

An awayday is a works outing for giving in-depth consideration to matters which cannot easily be considered at the workplace because of all the distractions. (Read more…)


1st-birthday-ih-255So, time has flown and before you know it you are beginning to plan your child’s first birthday and the party!

But how do you go about planning a first birthday party? Who do you invite and where should it be held? Before you even put pen to paper there is a very important fact that you should know. So prepare yourself, here it comes… (Read more…)


A smile goes a long way

It doesn’t need the input of the boss to make work fun. There’s a lot that employees can do themselves.

Some ideas can be found on our page Make work fun ideas.  Other ideas need help from management. 

Here are some… (Read more…)


number thirty made out of fireworks

Throwing a 30th birthday or any big birthday party for a friend or loved one can involve a lot of planning and organisation, but can also be a lot of fun. After all, what’s a party without some fun? (Read more…)


Brown cocktail

Here are some ideas for a party with a brown colour theme

Brown Decorations

  • Brown tablecloth
  • Brown napkins
  • Brown candles
  • Pine cones
  • Posters with a brown image such as a brown bear or a wooden house – or even Gordon Brown
  • Brown drapes (Read more…)

Working Party

Working Party

Most people who work in offices know about working parties.  All too often they are talking shops which end up with no real progress.

This is a different idea.  Why not organise a party to get a job done?
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60th Birthday Party Ideas
It’s true to say that 60th birthday parties can be some of the most lavish and most extravagant going. By the time you reach the age of 60, the children have usually left home, loans have been largely paid off and the need to get together with family and friends is more important than ever.

Here are a number of good 60th birthday party ideas to make it a very special event.
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ABurns Night Party with Bagpipes

A Burns Night party with bagpipes

Burns night – 25th January

A selection of Burns night menu and party ideas to help the special evening go well.

Robert Burns, Scotland’s most famous and celebrated poet, was born on 25th January 1759.  That night, or a night near it, is now the time used to celebrate his life and work.  There is a well-established ritual that makes Burns night one of the most enjoyable of formal dinners.
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Here are some ideas for a party with a yellow colour theme

Yellow themed table

Yellow themed table

Yellow Decorations

  • Yellow tablecloth
  • Yellow napkins
  • Yellow candles
  • Posters with a yellow background such as a sunny beach scene
  • Yellow drapes
  • Daffodils
  • Forsythia
  • Yellow roses

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A photo of aeroplane cabin crewInterview tips

Prepare for career take-off with tips on passing a cabin crew interview from Presentation Magazine’s readers. (Read more…)


wedding reception ideasThe wedding is one of those special days that should only come along once in a lifetime. So how do you make it really stand out and how do you make the wedding reception shine.

Here are a few ideas

1. Hire a castle.

A castle can be an amazing backdrop for a wedding. It is steeped in history and tradition and can make a great backdrop for a wedding. It will make the wedding pictures really stand out. (Read more…)


welcome home signKate has sent in the following request. Do any of our readers have any ideas?

My brother is bringing his new girlfriend home to england from america both early 30′s

I would like to make the welcome home special – any ideas?

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Free money ideas

Free money ideas

Money is always tight so we have collected a range of good ideas to help generate free money. I have used quite a number of these at some stage in the past and have generated a reasonable amount of extra cash. (Read more…)

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