40th birthday giftSo what do you get for a special 40th birthday gift? Here are a few ideas

For him

Kelly Kettle

Men love playing with fire. It is the reason why ment tend only to do the cooking when there is a barbeque. A great way of playing with fire is to get a kelly kettle. This is a kettle with a real fire contained inside it. You simply add in some newspaper and a few twigs and you have a fire going in no time. And because it is so self contained you can use it on the beach.

Smokey Joe Portable Barbeque

This is the present that my wife bought me for my 40th birthday.

Parachuting lesson

My friend Reece was given a parachuting lesson by his wife. I’m not sure if she was trying to get his life insurance! The danger is thathe will then probably bore you by showing all of your friends and family the video.

Other 40th birthday gift ideas

  • Tilley Hat
  • Survival kit
  • Swiss army knife
  • Tickets to a major sporting event
  • Sailing lesson
  • Flying lesson
  • Canoe
  • Leather brief case or gladstone bag
  • iPod
  • Maglight
  • Sat Nav
  • Nice fountain pen e.g. Mont Blanc

For her

A hot air baloon ride.

This could be a very romantic gesture, but if the person suffers from vertigo it could go down like a lead balloon.

Other ideas

  • New handbag e.g. Burberry
  • Vanity case
  • tickets for a stay at a health spa
  • Eglu to keep a chicken (from omlet.co.uk)
  • Pride and Preduice boxed DVD gift set
  • Kath Kidson tent
  • kitchen aid food mixer
  • croquet set

Do you have any other 40th Birthday Gift Ideas? Please add them in the box below.

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Ideas submitted by our readers on: 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Jewelry from Tiffany & Company

Thanks to Anonymous — August 29, 2007

Funny Gag Gifts – A cane, a walker, a bottle of hemoriod cream, adult diapers, the list goes on and on.

Thanks to Anonymous — September 7, 2007

a housekeeper and/or a personal chef!!

Thanks to Anonymous — October 23, 2007

How’s 40 little presents in a big box? They could be food, drinks, accessories, clothings… anything he/she may want/like/wish to have.

Go Organic – if he/she is a very healthy person you could get organic products e.g for cosmetics, food & drinks, tea, treatments…

Thanks to Anonymous — November 20, 2007

Jewelry from Jared The Galleria of Jewelry

Thanks to Anonymous — December 27, 2007

A really nice Swiss timepiece

Thanks to Jared The Galleria of Jewelry — December 27, 2007

For Her… have girlfriends over for brunch – have everything ready for them to perform manicures/pedicures. Then send her off for a 1 hr massage… Later have a limo pick her up (with a few friends), go to dinner and sightseeing, bar hopping, casino (whatever as long as no-one has to drive)… Did you remember before you jumped in the limo… to turn her bed down, lay out her pj’s and put chocolates on her pillow and ice water on her bedstand?)…hint – just fill a glass almost full with ice only… by the time you come home it’s melted and still cool…

Thanks to Anonymous — December 28, 2007

pilgrim jewellery, its really sparkly

Thanks to Anonymous — January 9, 2008

a t-shirt with: LOOK Kristen is 40 1/2 way to 80

Thanks to Anonymous — January 30, 2008


Thanks to Anonymous — February 9, 2008

wake her up early with breakfast, flowers and Jewelry from Tiffany & Company. give her time to get ready and tell her uv booked a long weekend in cardiff for her. take sight seeing for the first day in cardiff then out for a meal. have all her friends and family be at the meal waiting for her. (suprise) enjoy the meal and take her back to stay at a top hotel.

Thanks to Anonymous — February 28, 2008

Luxury 100% Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase http://www.silkgifts.co.uk

Thanks to Anonymous — March 8, 2008

a plant

Thanks to Anonymous — March 19, 2008

something from silver oasis in kilkenny… nice

Thanks to Anonymous — March 27, 2008

Hi this is Sonia from Chigwell Esex. Take your woman on the Orient Express just for the day from London to Brighton, when you arrive at Brighton take a taxi to Gatwick airport where a friends waiting there with the cases you packed earliern fot the both of you, a total suprise for her, then catch the booked flight you made weeks or days befor to Venice, a wonderful romantic idea to which any woman would be swept off her feet !!!

Thanks to Anonymous — April 4, 2008

40 pounds of food donated to the humane society in their honor if they are a cat / dog lover.

Thanks to Anonymous — April 4, 2008

Just a really big party.

Thanks to Anonymous — April 14, 2008

I’m into gag gifts – how about a percentage off certificate for a headstone

Thanks to Anonymous — May 4, 2008

Personalised presents with their name on, calendar etc etc or a photo album with photo’s of their life so far. These can be obtained electronically.

Thanks to Anonymous — June 4, 2008

How about a hand painted, personalised plant pot? Ideal gift or treat and can be designed to you specifications

Thanks to Miss V Bishop — June 20, 2008

Looking for 40th Gift ideas? bagsoflove.co.uk make photo prints, photo blankets, photo books and more…with photos your beloved people, pets, landscape…

Thanks to Patricia — July 10, 2008

I got my husband his personal registration plate with his name and surname incorporated.x.

Thanks to ANONYMOUS — August 4, 2008

I gave my wife divorce papers, not her ideal gifft but it was mine!

Thanks to Anonymous — August 5, 2008

A trip to PARIS.

Thanks to Emma — August 8, 2008

Have a funeral for their youth. The invitation is an obiturary, everyone dresses in black, decorate the room with dead roses. Serve Cape Cods but replace the cranberry juice with prune juice for the birthday person. Have guests speek about the person’s past experiences or events.

Thanks to DM — August 13, 2008

Plan a drink with a few friends that he knows about, and have all the other guests waiting in another room so that way he really gets a surprise.

Thanks to evelyn — September 11, 2008

Surprise weekend getaway – no kids allowed!

Thanks to SP — September 17, 2008

Spectator binoculars for sporting events and concerts.

Thanks to Carmela — November 11, 2008

How about a new pair of Marigold latex gloves? Ideal for washing up. Or a new iron and matching ironing board? Or a set of Le Creuset pots ‘n’ pans? A new vaccuum cleaner?

Thanks to Paul — November 21, 2008

Visa Gift Card With big $ on it so they can do or get what they want.

Thanks to Rob — January 18, 2009

Welcome to old age gift bag with instructions. speedo, gold chain, old spice, white and black socks, tshirts, etc.

Thanks to Anonymous — February 13, 2009

A fancy gift box with 2 batteries inside and a note saying no gift included.

Thanks to Joy — March 13, 2009

A Night at The Ritz. Did this for my sisters 40th. Wow was she surprised!! Travelled down 1st class on Virgin Trains. Had a champagne lunch in the fabulous Ritz Restuarant and booked tickets for Mamma Mia for the evening. A truely amazing experience.

Thanks to Liz — March 18, 2009

Tell your partner that you are both going out,but don’t tell her/him where?
book the limo to pick you both up to go to the oxo tower restaurant in london(table you should book-facing the southbank thames)limo to tour london at nite with a bottle champs(pink L),

Thanks to norma — April 10, 2009

To keep your skin soft try a silk pillow case instead of a cotton one…

Thanks to Nancy — May 17, 2009

My husband and I are big football fans, so im having a surprise taigate party and everyone is wearing their team Jersey.I’ve picked 4 teams and decorating 4 tables with the team.the invites had picture of him at a tailgate party and read”look who hit the ’40′ Yard Line and details. Cant wait til it happens.

Thanks to Bea — May 22, 2009

Ideal for any 40th Birthday, how about having the birthday guy or girl appering on the cover of a magazine. Of course, it fake, but so much fun. Take a look here for some ideas: http://www.mycoverpics.com These are designed and personalised for you and are affordable, with fast delivery.

Thanks to dave — July 24, 2009

Homemade spa things like bath salts, bath oil ,soaps……..like a homemade spa things in the basket.

Thanks to Atishi — July 26, 2009

Have a surprise party at an 80′s bar helping them re live their young and giving them a good send off to their second life in the old age bracket. Also get them a t-shirt made with the year of their birth, e.g. 1969 limited edition, in bold 80′s dayglo colours.

Thanks to Paula — August 4, 2009

Mom and I are buying my brother a patio set to go with his big new pool…also a day at the Polar Bear club and Monte-Cristo cigars from Cuba.

Thanks to Nathalie — August 6, 2009

We had a Happy 40 Party where everyone had to bring 40 of something — candies, kleenix boxes, whistles, and even 40 Asprin. After 40, everything hurts … lol.

Another friend was turning 40, and his neighbour was turning 60. The wives got together and had a ‘Centenial’ neighbourgood BBQ. What fun!

Thanks to Matt — August 9, 2009

Buy some depends, make oneinto a purse and write on the outside in Black Marker, “40 things you will have to DEPEND on! Then fill the depends with Raisins, chocolate, spa things, lotions, prunes,a panty-liner,garment “wrinkle remover’,a magnifying glass, etc.

Thanks to Wendy eke — August 12, 2009

Custom made coin medallions. Your face, your name and a message 3D machined onto solid metal and presented in a luxury wooden box. This is truly a unique gift.

Thanks to Bodley Medallions — October 13, 2009

how about 40 bottles of beer, cider, or wine as a larger gift, will last for a while and its fun tracking 40 different lables down.

Thanks to sally — October 20, 2009

Have decided to give my daughter “My Time”. She and her husband both work, have 4 young children but don’t need “stuff”. A weekend or week away and I will look after their children. I know that I would have appreciated it.

Thanks to Adele — October 22, 2009

If its for a guy: A wallet
woman: purse

Thanks to Farah Al Fahad — January 4, 2010

40 is when it all starts!

This party needs to make a real statement about who you are and what you are capable of doing.

The guest list does not have to be long, but include the people that matter most to you. They will enjoy your biggest party in 4 decades and a treat that will show them that you have style, creativity and money.

If on the other hand, you have the style, creativity and no money………. don’t force it and do not borrow money to throw a party.

Amongst the best ideas, you can now choose to have your party high above the city as there are many tall buildings with sky lounges and roof terraces. The views are amazing and this is much better than being in a club or a decorated marquee in your garden. If you are going to hire somewhere like the Burj Khalifa, Petronas Towers or BT Tower in London and need entertainment for your reception, my band will be delighted to receive your enquiry.

Your guests will also be thrilled when they receive an invitation to something extraordinary, instead of just visiting your house again. 40 is about feeling alive and switched on. It’s about making others excited as they share in your success and ambitious ideas.

Thanks to Big Sand - steel band hire — January 10, 2010

40 needs to be a landmark birthday that you have something to treasure and remember it by once the fizz has finished. My husband has had a fly rod made for him.

With women it can be tricky but a well-thought out gift that you know will suit her – and that she’ll wear can be an excllent present.
As a former women’s magazine writer, I’ve put together a practical guide for men buying jewellery for women. It helps avoid common pitfalls and helps blokes choose something that’ll fit and suit their womenfolk.
I’m priviledged to have changed career and now create limited edition, handmade jewellery in my tiny studio near Bath.
Vogue said some nice things about my Sea Charm Necklace last year.

Thanks to Victoria Indigo — February 20, 2010

I came back from China recently, loved the Chinese Lanterns over there.

Thanks to www.chineselanterns-uk.co.uk — March 4, 2010

40-Year Old Virgin DVD

Thanks to Jennifer — March 11, 2010

Gift for all guys- give him the gift of the best sex he’s ever had… pull out all the stops, no holding back….you dont need to buy a thing except for some lingerie.

Thanks to Rocco — March 14, 2010

a boob job

Thanks to Ricco — April 5, 2010

my partner gave me 40 little presents on my birthday i loved it!

Thanks to mel rogers — April 28, 2010

40 little dogs

Thanks to david smith — May 7, 2010

40 tetley tea bags, good quality and keeps her busy ;)

Thanks to jimmy smith — May 14, 2010

40 packets of Tim Tams!!!

Thanks to Jilly Cee — May 20, 2010

try a photo album
i did and my mum was crying xxx love you mum xxx x

Thanks to bob — May 30, 2010

If she’s into jewellery (and what woman isn’t?) you could choose her a piece of jewellery with 40 points of diamonds (ie 0.40 carats), with or without her birthstone.

Thanks to Aspiration Jewellery — June 3, 2010

For my 40th the family all went to a pottery for the day, every-one made and decorated a mug or other item. It was really great fun, brought every-one together and I got a fab set of mugs out of it!
My Mum arranged this as a suprise, I didn’t know where we were going til we got there!

Thanks to Sophie — June 18, 2010


Thanks to Dee Dee x — July 7, 2010

Get a custom caricature drawn. Easy when all you need to do is supply a photo or 2 and some ideas.

Thanks to Caricature King — July 14, 2010

Why not buy your dad a personalised pewter beer tankard? Or a personalised diamonte hip flask? Personalised wine glasses for him and her? There are so many more ideas, when you go down the ‘personal’ route

Thanks to Dawn@Birthday Gifts — July 21, 2010

make a scrapbook of forty thing I love about you. Make sure to add pictures, cutouts and anything that reminds you of your loved one.

Thanks to shannon — August 5, 2010

The best and most unique gift I have ever received was a custom ordered handmade sentimental keepsake my husband had specially made for me,Called Pages from the Heart gift book. The gift takes the form of an old book with a ribbon bookmark comes with a stand on one side are the words to “our song” on the other a small collage of pictures of us taken over the years.All is decorated with tiny pink paper roses and little golden hearts .Its so beautiful and so romantic, just the kind of special gift you need when turning 40 .

Thanks to Terri — August 15, 2010

The number of a good plastic surgeon.

Thanks to TanLover — August 22, 2010

seriously? these are some of the worst gift ideas i’ve ever seen.

Thanks to !!!!! — September 17, 2010

All these gift ideas are for guys and girls but what about a girl that doesn’t like all that girly stuff like jewelry and spas?

Thanks to Alex — September 27, 2010

for my best friend in all the world i gave her for a laugh 40p mixed up sweets,50% discount voucher of a grave and headstone,a list of 40 things i love about her and then at the bottom told her to pack her case as i had conspired with her husband and myself and another friend and of course my best friend were going on a girlie week in tenerife it went down a treat and we all really enjoyed each others company priceless

Thanks to Mary — October 13, 2010

a trip the island of trindad

Thanks to lee — October 18, 2010

How about a cool tattoo (especially if you’ve never had one before)?? I think that’s what I’M gonna do!!

Thanks to Heather — October 25, 2010

A makeover and photo shoot

Thanks to Loretta — November 6, 2010

You should take her shopping so she can get what she wants :) love u mum

Thanks to jennifer k — January 7, 2011

A 80′s party and then hire stripper to dance for her…cater and drinks should be included:)

Thanks to Mary — January 31, 2011

A Beautiful Silk Pillowcase from

Thanks to Jane — August 8, 2011

A present including the birthday person’s birthstone makes a lovely gift.

Thanks to Brenda — September 6, 2011

i would like take that tickets 4 my 40th in december

Thanks to michala — April 9, 2012

her favourite movie beakfast,lunch,dinner, and a special card that you made yourself

Thanks to Naomi — April 22, 2012

For me the best birthday gift is unlimited membership to yoga studio:)

Thanks to Polina — May 10, 2014

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