July 29, 2007

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Olive Skin

If you have what is known as ‘olive’ skin, then an eyeshadow colour that can become your staple is – wait for it – olive green! No matter what your eye colour, you can find an olive (a kind of khaki) green eye pencil or shadow that you can use no matter what colour your clothes are. It will be a ‘neutral’ colour for you, instead of brown, for example, and will provide a little lift of colour.

Thanks to Zillah Bugeja — March 27, 2009

olive skin masks

Thanks to kelly — August 6, 2009

We have wide range of personalised gift ideas including engraved glassware, crystal and pens as well as many photo gifts including photo crystals and canvas prints.

Thanks to Focus Prints — August 11, 2009

bellydancing parties
learn to bellydance
belly dance performance

Thanks to Aurora — August 12, 2009

For my husband’s 40th I threw him a suprise party. It was an old fashion Keg party and the theme was heavy metal. Perfect for the 40 crowd. We played old heavy metal music and guest wore concert T shirts to the party. I even charged $2(went to raffle prize)to sit in our back yard. He totally loved his party!

Thanks to Lisa — August 18, 2009

For my 40th last year my hubby arranged a surprise party with all my family and friends, proposed to me on the night, then whisked me off to Mexico for two weeks two days later. We then arranged the wedding date for 5 weeks later. What a fantastic time and a 40th never to be forgotten …:o) x

Thanks to Julie Watson — August 20, 2009

The greatest birthday or anniversary gift: a thrilling and adventurous biplane ride. Black & White Biplane offers the only air tours on LA’s West Side, from Santa Monica Airport. Lots of anniversary couples fly together for a unique bonding experience that they will never forget.

Thanks to Brian Beker — September 5, 2009

I think you need to delete some of the ideas that people have submitted – they are demeaning to the site.

Thanks to Janet — September 23, 2009

I think you need to delete some of the ideas that people have submitted – they are demeaning to the site.
On this link: http://www.ideashelper.com/fund-raising-ideas-48.htm

Thanks to Janet — September 23, 2009

Do pole dancing it’s a fun hobby!

Thanks to chavon — October 24, 2009

a massive range of personalised gifts, baby gifts, wedding, xmas and all occasions.

Thanks to Personalised Gifts — October 30, 2009

Mabel’s Labels fundraiser… can be done online and paperless for a completely green fundraiser! Mabel’s Labels will supply brochures/flyers that you can hand out which directs people to a Mabel’s Labels website set up for your organization. People can order from the website and 15% of all proceeds will go to your organization. If you sign up before Nov. 30/09 using the code “fundraisewithmabel” you’ll earn your organization a free set of sticky labels. You can email fundraising@mabel.ca for details.

Thanks to Linda Tang — November 14, 2009

London is a great city for Weddings.
There are hundreds of hotels in London which regularly host weddings with live music. You will also find many historic places of interest to stage a wedding in London. It is a capital which has 4 world heritage sites and 2 cities, the City of Westminster and the City of London. On closer inspection, you will be delighted by the variety of fantastic wedding options which are available in London to plan your dream wedding. London is rich in culture and this will give you tremendous inspiration and ideas for your wedding music, wedding reception and lots of options to base your wedding theme. You can easily be overwhelmed by the number of alternative wedding ideas at your disposal if you have a good budget.
From Syon Park in West London to the Dorchester Hotel in Central London and, from Middle Temple on the Embankment to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich, you will find great venues for wedding receptions. You can follow the foot steps of royalty and get married at St Paul’s Cathedral in London or raise a toast at your champagne reception overlooking the Thames at Tower Bridge. If you are looking for a London venue to host a small wedding reception with 50 to 60 guests, there are many function suites at hotels which offer special packages. For a larger wedding reception, you can expect to find grand hotels in London and other venues like Kew Gardens or Hampton Court which can seat over 400 guests. If you are getting married in London at short notice, this can easily be arranged at any licensed venue. In central London you can find within walking distance, your wedding dress, wedding ring, the best wedding shoes and a great wedding stylist. You will also find great entertainment options from string quartets to steel drum bands. If you need general wedding advice or tips on hosting a successful wedding reception you will also find numerous wedding planners and celebrity wedding organisers in abundance in London. The city is one of the most customer friendly places to host a dream wedding. You won’t be disappointed!

Article courtesy of bigsands.

Thanks to Big Sand - steel band hire — November 14, 2009

come up with ideas for the food for the next big party your going to.

Thanks to megz — December 12, 2009

Poker Party

There are a lot of ways to spend a birthday, but there aren’t many as original or as fun as an online poker party. Sure you may enjoy the beach party or the rented boat, but when was the last time you went online with a group of friends and joined an online poker tournament. An online poker party is a great way to spend your birthday especially if you have friends in different parts of the world that can’t all come together for a one night party at a bar. Setting up a poker tournament is easy and fun, and http://www.mansionpoker will help you. If you know your contenders and compete against each other for the winning hand it can be the perfect way to spend your birthday.

Things to take into consideration when playing poker online for your birthday with friends from around the world:

- Time difference for each of the players
- Online chat is activated for all the players
- How many people can join one online poker table
- How many online poker tables you each want to join

Agree on a favorite beverage and snack before signing in for you birthday poker bash so you feel like you are all together at the same online poker game and ENJOY!

Thanks to Victoria — December 17, 2009

portable live steam train ideal for carrying adults/children
available for shows ,partys,wedding receiptons etc

availbale in U.K & France

Thanks to simon — January 3, 2010

ann summers theme hen night
go out to pubs and clubs in clothing

Thanks to Anonymous — January 30, 2010

Girls Survival
Live – Love – Laugh
Come along and join us for anamazing afternoon of fun followed by scrumptious afternoon tea in a luxurious 4* spa hotel. We can also organise weekends to fit in with you and your friends, perfect for special birthday celebrations or hen weekends.
Have a look at our website for up and coming events.

Thanks to Lorry Scott — February 2, 2010

Hire an 80s band and let those memories come flooding back! Why not contact A Kick up the 80s.com for more ideas and advice…

Thanks to kev brewer — February 9, 2010

Learn from failure persons rather than success ones

Thanks to Subrat Pandey — February 12, 2010

If you are looking for ideas for hen parties, why not try a pamper party. The perfect girls night in. A team of mobile beauty and massage therapsits come to your home or rented cottage and you can indulge in a massage, manicure, facial or pedicure. Its cheaper than a spa and much more fun!

Thanks to Glo Wellbeing — February 22, 2010

If you are having an Hawaiian Party or a Beach Party, indoors or out check out this website. It’s cool!

Thanks to Linda — March 6, 2010

hello. my name is corey and me and a friend have our own car cruising club. we want to know if any one has any good ideas for us to raise money for charity.

Thanks to corey cook — March 19, 2010

Fresh chocolate covered strawberries delivered direct to your door

Thanks to Claire Rennie — April 5, 2010

teeth parties for people getting braces off !!

Thanks to Orna — April 24, 2010

Have a Hoop Dance (AKA Hooping) Party!!!!

Forget the flimsy children’s hoops that we all used when we were younger – it’s all about the larger, weighted hula hoops!
With these hoops you can learn how to hoop around different parts of the body as well as doing moves and tricks with a hoop!!
It’s not only great fun as you can play games and make up dance routines while hooping; it’s also FANTASTIC exercise, burning 100 calories every 10 minutes!!!

Happy Hooping :-)

Thanks to Natalie — April 30, 2010

hi i made my own invites by simply using the word prosser application i printed them on a4 quality paper rolled them up and tied with a ribbon giving a scroll affect everyone commented on how nice they were.i also bought some card folded it into thirds i printed my menus on plain paper stuck them into the center section folded them and also tied with ribbon it just added something extra to the table at little cost.

Thanks to michelle — May 2, 2010

Cinema Style
For you party go to see a film tell everyone to dress up according to the theme of the film!

Thanks to Anonymous — May 29, 2010

Order an original Times Newspaper from the actual date of your wedding and enjoy reading the news and adverts together.

Thanks to Ian — August 13, 2010

Host a wine tasting party.

You can customize the type of party you want to host. For example, you could host a wine and chocolate tasting around Valentine’s Day or a dessert and sparkling wine tasting for an anniversary. The options are endless and they are very customizable. The site even does team-building corporate wine tastings events!

Party Idea: Arrange a food and wine tasting event. Plan the main course menu head of time. Then, on the invitations, provide a sample wine list. Ask each guest to choose their favourite wine and bring a suitable dessert or cheese plate to share. A cute, intimate wine tasting potluck!

Thanks to Alexandra — September 23, 2010

So here’s the thing – I will be 40 in December just before Christmas. Everyone is so busy then so I am thinking of having the party a little earlier.

I LOVE HALLOWEEN – so I was thinking of an adult only 40th Birthday/ Halloween Costume party with all black decor and standard halloween gouls and such!

Does it sound crazy to celebrate your birthday 6 weeks in advance?

Thanks to Michelle — October 3, 2010

How about having a murder mystery party. These are a great way to have a party at home with friends. They come in lots of different themes and guest numbers. Halloween murder mysteries are especially popular at this time of year.
For more details of the games available see

Thanks to John Delaney — October 10, 2010

Personalised masks are the perfect ice-breaker for the party. Simply upload a good digital photo of the person you wish to surprise & we create personalised masks of them. They will have the surprise of their life when the walk into their party & see a room full of themselves!

Thanks to Chris O'Nyan — October 17, 2010

I paint custom portraits- you could get him a portrait of himself, his favorite photo, his dog, children, a wedding photo. I paint realistic or in pop art depending on his style.
Check out my website!

Thanks to Tracey — November 30, 2010

Non Violent Protest Ideas!

Thanks to Big Sand — December 12, 2010

hat day! you could have a hat day and have kids at schools or whatever pay $1 to wear a crazy hat!

Thanks to sarah — December 15, 2010

Hat day wear a crazy hat for a dollar(:

Thanks to sarah — December 15, 2010

cookery lessons at home and personal chef

Thanks to paul ellis — January 31, 2011

Psychic Night Parties for Mediumship, Tarot & Runes.
Pamper Parties for alternative therapy treats.
These are becoming very popular, so please check out my wesite.
Spiritual Maverick

Thanks to Gray — March 16, 2011

For my husband’s 40th we had a “Vegas Party”.
It was a fantastic party! We had a live entertainer – he was a singer and performer and he got the whole crowd involved-the party was 1 huge dance floor.
We also had casino gaming tables – blackjack, poker, roulette, money wheel.
Everyone dressed up so the photos look incredible.

Thanks to Trina — March 18, 2011

If your looking for a really great murder mystery game to enjoy at home with your friends or family please take a look at the Ace range of games – they have received amazing reviews (all genuine, see the site) and are widely considered to be the best murder mystery games available.
Halloween, Pirate, Cowboy, English Tudor, French Revolution and Arabian Nights themes included.
Enjoy x

Thanks to Murder Mystery Man — May 18, 2011

fabulous wedding boutique can help with all aspects of weddings from dresses, room decoration and chair cover hire.

Thanks to wedding dresses derby — August 25, 2011

Have you ever tried ayurveda treatment? Your skin will blossom after such procedures.

Thanks to Jude — May 12, 2014

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