History ideas

History ideas

If you are looking for a few history ideas we have collated a few ideas for you. These have been mainly based around work that we have done in the past and so we have collected a fair degree of source material.

The contents are very fascinating.

The evolution of the railway locomotive headlamp

Traces the evolution of the railway headlamp from its dim beginnings to its brilliant today

The lost wine of South Wales

Between 1875 and 1914 the only wine grown in the UK was grown by the Marquic of Bute in a small vineyard just outside of Cardiff

image of a wine label

The weather of 1893

Phew what a scorcher! This was one of the hottest years on record. Read a glowing summary in some of the best victorian language that I have seen.

The weather of 1879

Doom and gloom. This was one of those summers that never really happened. A once in over a hundred year occurence. And this was before global warming.

image of rain on the window

On the water of Taff’s Well

images of glass of water

A small village just outside Taff’s Well with a spring that was used in Roman times. It is now locked up. What a shame! Here is a victorian analysis of the water.

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