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We had a request from one of our readers for a list of hobby ideas as she was looking for a new passtime to occupy herself.

We have compiled this list of hobby ideas. We hope that you enjoy it. If you have any more ideas please drop us a line and we will add it in.

List of Hobby Ideas

Arts and Crafts

  • Woodwork
  • Patchwork/ Quilting
  • Basket making
  • Embroidery
  • Drawing – Still Life
  • Oil painting
  • Pottery
  • Multimedia
  • Upholstery
  • Sugarcraft
  • Dressmaking
  • Pottery
  • Candle making
  • Homemade soap
  • Whittling
  • Make your own instruments
  • Beading (my daughter loves to bead)
  • Crochet
  • Knitting
  • Build your own kite
  • Paper mache
  • Mosaics
  • Stain glass
  • Furniture restoration
  • Sculpting
  • Weaving


  • Stamp collecting
  • Train spotting (collecting train numbers)
  • Collecting Staffordshire figures

Around the house


  • Wine tasting
  • Cooking
  • Foreign foods – Indian/ Chinese/ Italian
  • Baking
  • Mushroom collecting
  • Cake decorating

Electronics and computing

  • Amateur Radio
  • CB
  • Electronics
  • Digital photography
  • Computer programming
  • Computer graphics
  • Web site design

Language and literature

  • Learn a language
    • French/ Italian/ Spanish/ Mandarin/ Welsh/ Gaelic/ Latin/ Greek/ German/ Arabic/ Russian /Bulgarian
  • Join a literature group
  • French literature
  • Creative writing
  • Lip reading
  • Sign language


  • Astronomy
  • Origami
  • Magic
  • Drama
  • Join a local operatic society
  • Scrap booking
  • bonsai trees
  • bird watching
  • model airplanes
  • building birdhouses


  • Family History
  • Local history
  • Trace the history of your house
  • Stone circles
  • Discovering Ley Lines
  • Restore old photographs


  • Scuba diving
  • High Diving
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Judo
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Orienteerig
  • Hill Walking
  • Trampolining

Health and personal development

  • Alexander Technique
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Reiki
  • Massage
  • Belly dancing
  • Line dancing
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy

If you have any more hobby ideas please add them in the box below and we will add it in to the page.

Special thanks to Kathryn Raphael for sending in the last update.

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Ideas submitted by our readers on: Hobby Ideas

holes in things

Thanks to Anonymous — August 5, 2007

Railway Modelling

Thanks to Anonymous — August 17, 2007

public speaking/singing

Thanks to Anonymous — September 17, 2007

hobby ideas: beadwork ( in arts and crafts)

Thanks to Anonymous — September 24, 2007

Collecting and making miniatures (dollshouses)

Thanks to Anonymous — September 25, 2007

tidy my room

Thanks to Anonymous — September 25, 2007

making handmade wallpapers

Thanks to Anonymous — October 19, 2007

tai chi

Thanks to Anonymous — October 22, 2007

horse riding

Thanks to Anonymous — November 18, 2007

design your dream room/house

Thanks to Anonymous — November 21, 2007

bury a time capsule

Thanks to Anonymous — November 21, 2007


by Iovita Anca

Thanks to Anonymous — December 1, 2007

Go Geocaching

Thanks to Anonymous — December 13, 2007

Collect mugs or cups
Collect quotes
Watch old or foreign movies

Thanks to Anonymous — December 21, 2007

Collect flowers or leaves

Thanks to Anonymous — December 21, 2007

djing and producing

Thanks to Anonymous — December 24, 2007

Join a Bridge club

Thanks to Anonymous — December 24, 2007

Learn to use the Tarot

Thanks to Anonymous — January 20, 2008

digital scrapbooking

Thanks to Anonymous — January 21, 2008

Create a fun website

Thanks to Anonymous — January 22, 2008

Collect random collectables e.g elaphant related stuff :)

Thanks to Anonymous — January 22, 2008

rearrange furniture

Thanks to Anonymous — February 9, 2008

Learn a Musical Instrument

Thanks to Anonymous — February 12, 2008

Bird Watching
Go Carting
Eddie Stobart truck model collector
Carama/hongwell collector
Model motorbike collector
Diecast collector.

Thanks to Ken Biro — February 22, 2008

go on http://www.stardoll.com
very cool and a good time waster

Thanks to Anonymous — March 3, 2008

ball room dancing

Thanks to Anonymous — March 29, 2008

quality time with your mum always nice

Thanks to Anonymous — March 29, 2008

Try different ways to write your name in cursive. It’s really fun.

Thanks to Anonymous — April 1, 2008

breeding birds

Thanks to Anonymous — April 7, 2008

make a jane austen dress, curl your hair and flounce around the house saying “lord! i’m so HUNGRY!”

Thanks to Anonymous — April 8, 2008

get fat

Thanks to Anonymous — April 8, 2008


Thanks to Anonymous — April 10, 2008

binge drinking

Thanks to Anonymous — April 12, 2008

Simple thigs for example taking a walk or going swimming and spending time with your family.


Thanks to Anonymous — April 16, 2008

Create a list of useful hobbies for other people to try out

Thanks to Anonymous — April 17, 2008

do some honest toil and stop wasting your time on the internet!

Thanks to Anonymous — April 25, 2008

go on a pilgramage

Thanks to Anonymous — April 25, 2008

tarantulas are very interesting to watch and look after. get one! i have three and there great!!

Thanks to Anonymous — April 27, 2008

tag rugby

Thanks to Anonymous — April 27, 2008

Mountain biking

From Disgusting Of Tunbridge Wells

Thanks to Anonymous — April 29, 2008


From Disgusting Of Tunbridge Wells

Thanks to Anonymous — April 29, 2008

Home movie making

From Disgusting Of Tunbridge Wells

Thanks to Anonymous — April 29, 2008

dog training

Thanks to Anonymous — May 6, 2008

collecting spoons from different countries

Thanks to Anonymous — May 6, 2008

jingle writing

Thanks to Anonymous — May 17, 2008

taking photos, Organizing family gatherings and events.

Thanks to Anonymous — May 19, 2008

horse riding

Thanks to Anonymous — May 28, 2008

Elephant training

Thanks to Anonymous — June 1, 2008

Have an aquarium…

Thanks to Anonymous — June 1, 2008

Roller Blading

Thanks to Anonymous — June 4, 2008

Hip Hop dancing

Thanks to Anonymous — June 4, 2008

Hi. I was looking up some new hobby ideas on here and I’m surprised to see that you are missing a very important hobby on your listings.

It’s called pyrography, which is artwork burned into wood. I used to do this a few years ago but I have reluctantly sold my pyrography machine and the stylus chisels.The machine can be purchased for about £100.00 from most craft supplies and the technique is quite simple.

For example, you need a piece of quality plywood, preferably beech faced as it has a lighter face than most ply. Depending on the size of the picture you would like,(2ft 6inches x 2ft is about right). Fix carbon paper all over the face of the ply, covering every part.If your not really artistic enough to design a picture of your own then choose one from hundreds of art drawings or magazines etc. but remember to cover the whole of the carbon paper area by fitting the picture with tape over the top.Then with a ball point pen, draw over the outlines of your picture, pressing on to make sure that the ink from the carbon paper is transferred on to the ply.When this is done, remove the paper picture and the carbon paper from the ply and you should have your outline for burning into the plywood.

Once you have burned all of the picture on to the ply, you can colour it in with felt tip pens.Allow this to dry then apply two coats of high gloss varnish over the finished picture before framing.

You will be astounded by the results. I was.

Thanks to Anonymous — June 15, 2008

glass painting

Thanks to Anonymous — June 25, 2008

Playing the piano

Thanks to cutierosegirl — July 15, 2008


Thanks to PMM — July 25, 2008

become a pro yoyoa

Thanks to Jellyologist — July 28, 2008

Collect rocks around your home wash them and then study where they came from.

Thanks to Anonymous — August 14, 2008

learn to do graffiti

Thanks to Anonymous — August 26, 2008

dress up like something different and exciting every day! LIke Cher or one time I dressed up as a clown and went to the store.ps:im not crazy I swear..ppl will asume that your dressed like that for a reason and it’s all fun!

Thanks to Anonymous — September 4, 2008

also, you can practice doing different makeup and hairstyles on yourself in the mirror

Thanks to Anonymous — September 4, 2008

write songs

Thanks to Anonymous — September 4, 2008

make a scrapbook of all the hobbys you want to do

Thanks to Anonymous — September 4, 2008

do something at the same time as someone else..like at 3:05 have someone jump or say something and you’ll do it at the same time! have others join in too!!

Thanks to Anonymous — September 4, 2008

bollywood dancing and netball

Thanks to iu jg — October 15, 2008

Make photograph collages

Thanks to Robyn Mullan — October 20, 2008

read les miserables

Thanks to Anonymous — October 20, 2008

become a catholic its the best!

Thanks to Anonymous — October 20, 2008

Jazzercise, it is a fun way to excersize.

Thanks to Brianna — October 21, 2008

learn to ride a bike

Thanks to joe — October 22, 2008

Pop your spots in the mirror at work, then try all day to cover them up, it makes you look like a mental but atleast they cant see your spots!

Thanks to Sarah Hitchcox — October 24, 2008

Good day, I would just like to say that by recycling your old newspapers,magazines,etc…
will also save us alot of energy by collecting them, and sent them to school for projects and great hobby ideas to work with.

Abdullah (South Africa)

Thanks to Abdullah Samuels — October 28, 2008

Puzzles would also be a great hobby to add to the website. This is one cool website!

Thanks to Stephine — November 5, 2008

I feel very strongly that the practice of hand french polishing has over the years obtained the reputation of being a process that should only be carried out by profesionals. In our opinion it can be carried out by anyone. All we need to try to do is ‘spread the word’. In an attempt to do so we now run 1 day french polishing courses for beginners and supply french polishing kits. I’d be thrilled to hear your comments. Regards,


Thanks to Ian McAslan — November 11, 2008

show jumping!

Thanks to jess — November 20, 2008

Try running around the mall with your friends taking wied and random pics! Peoe think you’re mad but deep downhey wish they had the courage to do the same…

Thanks to Miss Who — December 8, 2008

go out side in the summer and get a tan

Thanks to Anonymous — December 10, 2008

just do your homework and or study

Thanks to rubi — December 10, 2008

make new friends

Thanks to lynn — December 21, 2008

become a hobby consultant/lifestyle coach and make millions

Thanks to Captain Pegg — January 6, 2009

Fancy becoming a Radio Ham and talk to the world. All the training you need to take up this hobby is at this site

Thanks to Ian — January 8, 2009

Candlemaking is what I do, but I would love to make a desktop water fountain, the sound is so relaxing, you can find instructions on how to make them on the internet.

Thanks to Lora — January 30, 2009


Thanks to Anonymous — February 3, 2009

going to the cinema

Thanks to Anonymous — February 3, 2009

surf the web

Thanks to Anonymous — February 8, 2009


Thanks to Anonymous — February 8, 2009

Build something with modeling clay

Thanks to Anonymous — February 10, 2009

On-line flying. There is a massive following of flying on-line. You don’t need to be alone, you can see your friend planes and talk to them, LIVE.
If you want to take it a stage further, try your hand at on-line Air Traffic Control.
Both hobbies are highly educational, you will certainly increase your circle of friends and believe me, it is very very addictive. Check it out.

Thanks to John — February 16, 2009

dog walkind :p

Thanks to Anonymous — February 21, 2009

Fly kites not the 1 line kind, get a good duel line kite to start with work your way up till you can deal with a light quad and get a felxifoil something that will pull i started kite flying in 1st grade and its still tons of fun i plan on takeing up kite boarding when i can aford it kites can get pretty expencive btw make sure your comfortable flying a quad b4 u start flying a flexifoil because im a big guy and it will drag me faster that i can run on a day with good wind http://www.nakshop.no/image.php?productid=19385 theres a pic of one i found on the internet so you can get a good look at one

Thanks to jackie — February 24, 2009


Thanks to Anonymous — February 25, 2009

playing a musical instrument

Thanks to Peter — March 9, 2009

what about childcare i would like to see childcare on the hobbies list as i know lots of people who enjoy childcare majoraty of the time the children who are being cared for enjoy the care and attention they are being given .

I`m not trying to say that there parents don`t give them attention it`s just that they might enjoy the care of others . but then again they might not

Thanks to holly richards — March 16, 2009

collecting matchbook of restaurants , hotels,coutries

Thanks to jesus — March 22, 2009

Learn how to play chess.
Learn how to play checkers.
Re-organize room.
Use a compass or GPS to map neighbourhood.
Get a penpal.

Thanks to Anonymous — March 24, 2009

athletics, ballet, Jaz dancing, playing the guitar, ice skating, ice hockey, football, basketball, gymnastics, wine and cheese club, tennis, fencing, karaoke.

Thanks to Anonymous — April 2, 2009

Playing the clarinet(great hobby as you can play all styles of music)
Vidio games
model plane flying(an excelent hobby)
writing letters
listening to the radio
writing music
writing a book(Look where it got JK Rowling!!)
Meet new friends
internet gaming

Thanks to Anonymous — April 10, 2009

Learn more about your local area!

Thanks to Anonymous — April 13, 2009

Sit down and just think about all those mistakes you have done in your life

Thanks to reshma — April 13, 2009

For a hobby, harmonica playing is really good! It is simple and easy to play! A diatonic harmonica can only cost £10

Thanks to Jolofey — April 16, 2009

go out for play………
volley ball
basket ball
………just run around,jump high..do some pull ups and push ups…plug IPOD in your ears!!!!

Thanks to hiwatari kai — April 19, 2009

Buy a half decent camrea and take up photography. A nice place to start is the beach ion the evening, country villages (Mostly in Brtiain) or whilst on holiday.

Thanks to Jack (England) — May 6, 2009


Thanks to anon. — May 9, 2009

smoothie making. its fun and easy and anyone can do it! plus you get a delesious drik in the end.

Thanks to hannah — May 9, 2009

write poems

Thanks to Anonymous — May 25, 2009

Live Action Role Playing

Thanks to Anonymous — August 4, 2009

maybe go to a public place where you won’t be bothered or noticed and people watch! you get to come up with personalities for different people

Thanks to Hannah — August 4, 2009

Once a month visit the slums and smile at the poor children.Give them sweets or a toy or some of the clothing you don’t use. You’ll feel a lot happier doing such good deeds.

Thanks to Aureo — August 8, 2009

make a painting
make ur own special cooking recipe
star gazing
cloud gazing
authograph collection of famous people

Thanks to Tina — August 9, 2009

[...] are a great way to occupy your mind and to help you relax.  We have developed a very long list of hobby ideas for you to try [...]

Thanks to New Year’s Resolution Ideas — August 11, 2009

cartoon making out of people’s faces

Thanks to ankita — August 18, 2009

Rock climbing ! It’s fun and ou get exercise. Or camping, running, go to a sports center or a gym, table tennis, ruby, cricket, read, golf, photographer, football, shop for clothes, get a pet and train it.

Thanks to Ellz — August 20, 2009

Stamp collecting

Thanks to Cindyrox321 — August 26, 2009

i love Colecting Rock climbing

Thanks to Hobbys Beauty — August 27, 2009

Dog Agility…Great for both dog and owner.

Thanks to Caroline Pearce — August 31, 2009

for mums- buggy fit,baby sign,hand and feet casting,messy paint walk along roll of wallpaper

Thanks to charlotte from doncaster — September 2, 2009

mountain biking
go karting

Thanks to Emma — September 3, 2009

Be an amateur inventor using recycled materials.

Thanks to Brian — September 3, 2009

brushing hair

Thanks to lol#1 — September 13, 2009

Train to be a medium (there are lots of workshops/circles around now).
Ghost hunting/paranormal investigations.
Qi Gong/Reiki/The Reconnection healing (read The Reconnection by Dr Eric Pearl).
Start your own physical mediumship circle (I have and it’s great!) – try to get ghost/orb photos, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena – recorded spirit voices), use a planchette, try automatic writing, psychic art, pendulum/dowsing rods and last but not least, ouija (we’ve had some great messages from our guides, just trust your guides/angels to give you positive messages and you can also imagine a circle of white light around the board for protection). Oh yes, put a smiley face on the board – spirit people love smileys! :)
Visit castles and stately homes.

Thanks to Lynne — September 17, 2009

Jive (LeRoc, Ceroc etc) – unfortunately there isn’t anywhere near where I live now but when I lived in London, I loved jiving.

Thanks to Lynne — September 17, 2009

Serve the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart

Thanks to Mervyn — September 22, 2009

Metal detecting. You could earn out of it too.

Thanks to Karen — September 30, 2009


Thanks to rajesh — October 3, 2009

metal detecting

Thanks to mike keltner — October 6, 2009

dog walking

Thanks to lilly — October 7, 2009

Smoke Weed.

Thanks to Nathan — October 7, 2009


Thanks to yuni — October 15, 2009

Take a pole dancing class!

Thanks to chavon — October 24, 2009

Choreographed Dancing

Thanks to Jesse Zylstra — November 15, 2009

Read the twighlight Saga, then read it again, then….. read it again…….. Then get so confused with reality versus fiction that you become a real vampire hunter….

Thanks to Nisa — November 19, 2009

Eat cheese, i love to, you can get red cheese and yellow cheese and blue cheese and green cheese and brown cheese and purple cheese and white cheese and grey cheese and orange cheese and black cheese so go down to the shops and get a load of cheese and make your self fat.

Thanks to MR cheese — November 25, 2009

become an inventor

Thanks to madmikey — December 4, 2009

card making good for christmas

Thanks to looby — December 10, 2009

Create Animation clips

Thanks to Chaitali — December 11, 2009

Draw good rangoli and Mehandi

Thanks to Chaitali — December 11, 2009

-Create a Board/card game !
-keep spider plants and grow the babies and keep them…build a family
-Keep a journal
- keep a video diary of your family
-make cusions
-collect gemstones /crystals and learn crystal healing

Thanks to Miss Pretty — December 13, 2009

Sing, write stories, draw, color, oil painting :P

Thanks to jarsowl — December 31, 2009

Be more irish! Learn the irish language, play an irish sport – hurling or gaelic football are the most popular, learn to cook an irish dish or just go to an irish pub for a pint of guiness and a packet of taytos! Then on St. Patricks day you’ll feel great knowing that you have done something typically irish! :D

Thanks to Anonymous — January 1, 2010

cocktail making ;) love gem

Thanks to gem — January 2, 2010

do something for you! be selfish for once.

Thanks to Jenna — January 4, 2010


Thanks to maria — January 6, 2010

surfing the net

Thanks to diana — January 16, 2010

study trees, grow a garden in a pot, sew, knit,crochet.

Thanks to catherine — January 16, 2010

Get in contact with everyone who helped maked the list an have a party ;-)

Thanks to Cass — January 21, 2010

fashion designing
Sewing machine
Go Carting
Collect quotes
Taking Photos
Ice Skating
Roll Skating
Video games
collect famous people and make a blinder
my bedroom

Thanks to victoria soo lum — January 22, 2010

Horseback riding…. it’s the besttttt!!!!!!! <3

Thanks to Chelsea — February 2, 2010

Paint a room in your house.

Thanks to eddie — February 11, 2010

> why dont you try tracing back your family tree… and a presentation or site on it.
> You can also try quilling which is different from quilting… i love doing it.

Thanks to NIKO — February 15, 2010

Mastering a new language.

Thanks to Poojitha — February 26, 2010

Virtual world

Thanks to Anonymous — March 16, 2010

making of greeting cards

Thanks to mehreen — March 24, 2010

Start a babysitting club and make some money.

Thanks to Traci — March 29, 2010


Thanks to ARUNKALYANA SUNDARAM.A — March 29, 2010

go on walks

Thanks to Catalina Rose Bryson — April 15, 2010

Find the top 5 things you can do to annoy everybody and do them over and over.

Smile or make funny faces at everyone and see if they do it back.

Thanks to Bob — April 20, 2010

Plant a Tree

Thanks to Sarah, Are You Kidding Me — April 30, 2010

twitter lol!

Thanks to The Prophet Muhammad — May 1, 2010

if you are disabaled and into wacthing football why dont you try wheelchaire football i play for ipswich charioteers, its a great way making freinds to

Thanks to darren kemp — May 4, 2010

Learn a little philosophy

Thanks to Mark — May 5, 2010

Well, you could make a list of what you want to do before you die
Find a pen pal
Write to random companies- they usually write back and send samples of their product

Thanks to Kalie — May 15, 2010

Enjoy Computer graphics
Digital photography
Computer programming
watch videos
horse riding
digital scrapbooking
Home movie making
Playing a Musical Instruments
make new friends
video and online games
fashion designing
Ice Skating
And Deviantart


Thanks to ANGEL — May 16, 2010

Vegan Cooking/Baking – it’s healthy and animals will love you for it! :)

Thanks to Suzanne — May 22, 2010

walk or cycle every street in your suburb, city, state….

Thanks to Johnny eel — May 22, 2010

MMORPG”s. That’s massive multiplayer online role playing games. there great and there are a bunch out there to choose from as well as many different styles and formats.

Thanks to mastermind — May 30, 2010

build bikes

Thanks to aj — June 1, 2010

baby sitting

Thanks to ali — June 2, 2010

write down a list of funny quotes by people you know
practice making up debates for the debate club at school.
Do character sketches of people you know (if possible, put them in a marble composition book like the one in Harriet the Spy!)
discover new music on the internet
create codes
Do research that fills a whole journal of something that interests you

Thanks to sophy — June 4, 2010

Playing the Clarinet! It is so much fun and such a beautiful instrument!!! Or maybe the saxophone? As a child I loved these instruments and started playing them both for a bit but then I realized what a nice voice I had!

Thanks to Cheryl Cole — June 5, 2010

ice skating
cross country
going on the wii or ds
computer games
go karting
horse riding
mountain bike riding

Thanks to rebbeca — June 9, 2010

Quilting! it’s fun, easy and cheap. and a great gift idea

Thanks to Hannah Dakota Fanning — June 19, 2010

soap making with glycerin bars. want to pursue it .would like to know where to get materials. please help

Thanks to ana — June 19, 2010

extreme card manipulation
card flourishing
fortune telling
palm reading
cold reading
warm reading
pencil reading
touch reading
muscle reading
touch reading
sound reading
street magic
stage magic
cabaret magic
close-up magic
kids magic
card magic
coin magic
rope magic
dice magic
elastic magic
rope flourishing
coin flourishing
elastic flourishing
youtube (magicacematt)
facebook (matthew thomas stewart)
video making
video editing
photo editing
meeting celebrities
uploading photos and videos

-check me out on youtube magicacematt :)

Thanks to matthew stewart — June 19, 2010

Research and discover a whole new culture in some exotic foreign country! You never know, you might one day get to go there…

Find really old, amazing recipes that people used centuries ago…

Paint garden pots with funky designs and patterns that you might see random places, then grow something inside to match the design. It looks fantastic when you have them all over your garden…

Thanks to Naomi — June 25, 2010

Melt chocolate and pour it into moulds, then decorate with different coloured chocolates and/or lollies…

Thanks to Naomi — June 25, 2010


Thanks to Anonymous — June 28, 2010


Thanks to Anonymous — June 28, 2010

music videos

Thanks to Anonymous — June 28, 2010


Thanks to Anonymous — June 28, 2010

bottle tops
radiotor knobs
keyboard keys
beer bottles (not hard)
Wine corks
Matches- mwahahaha
roof tiles
bicycle tires

Thanks to bobby — July 17, 2010

Fly tying

Thanks to mike — July 19, 2010

Look at these hobby suggestions.

Thanks to Fred. — July 23, 2010

watching anime & reading manga

Thanks to charoulitsa — July 30, 2010


Thanks to bob — July 31, 2010

The internet is a place with many possibilities.
gain some knowledge of viruses… and how to design them.

Visit a random website generator…
There is interactive sites out there that will boggle your mind!

screen-capture software is a great way to start digital srapbooking!

There is no limit to what the internet offers, and can be a gold mine in many cases. You just got to know how to use it properly.

Thanks to a very anonymous guy! — August 6, 2010

metal fishing
buying and reselling (such as craigslist)
going to garage sales
restoring cars
playing wii
collecting blown glass figures
roller bladding
learning new things such as words
star gazing
ceramic painting
playing with your pets

Thanks to jamica5555 — August 10, 2010

make a box and put everything you would like to do as a hobby in a box and take one out each week

Thanks to laura — August 15, 2010

Decorative painting; I love it you can paint on rocks, furniture, anything with a smooth surface.

Thanks to Cheryl — August 28, 2010


Thanks to Jessica — August 31, 2010

Be an inventor

Thanks to B.C. — September 1, 2010

Buy someting you dont want. When you get home you figure out you want it!!

Thanks to Casey Frank — September 8, 2010

try a different hobby every week, a good way to find friends… maybe try going to a gym maybe an eco club, archery, pottery club these are things i have tried.

Thanks to jane — September 9, 2010

Try Zumba

Thanks to Chutilak — September 10, 2010

Pick out the tinniest islands on a globe that you have never heard of and research them.

Thanks to Insomniac. — September 17, 2010

plam reading

Thanks to A Girl — September 28, 2010

you could try off roading or green laneing its great fun

Thanks to robert — September 29, 2010

What about origami? I started about month ago and my house is now full of origami stuff looks pretty cool thought

Thanks to Jason — September 30, 2010


Thanks to Emily Pratt — October 3, 2010

Macrame! It’s the art of tying cord into various artistic patterns. Years ago, I used to make a lot of really neat rope hangers for potted plants. They’re very decorative and, if you want, you can sell them at flea markets, etc. Have fun!

Thanks to Chris — October 4, 2010

crown green bowling

Thanks to Anonymous — October 6, 2010


Thanks to dac — October 15, 2010

fencing, learn a more unique instrument. :p (ie fiddle, pipe organ..) XD

Thanks to kaede — October 16, 2010

Astrology, coffee tasting

Thanks to Meta — October 20, 2010

Collecting model buses and coaches – EFE & Corgi.

Thanks to RAY — November 4, 2010


Thanks to Lesley — November 5, 2010

Make a list of things your thankful for.

Thanks to Lesley — November 5, 2010

Join a book club

Thanks to Aimee — November 12, 2010

gallerie visiting

Thanks to dylan — November 17, 2010

Come to my zumba class in Wantirna :)

Thanks to leanne — November 21, 2010

Insect collecting and identifying


Local sea life or pond life

Collect dragonflies, pigs, thimbles, whatever you identify with

Become an expert on something, like the Rolling Stones or a hockey league

Join a book club

Collect old 78 or 45 rpm records, get a record player to play them on and catalog them

Learn Spanish and go to Spain or Mexico or South America when you have learned enough

Start your own little business

Volunteer for something you are interested in or to help the poor or sick

Reconnect with an old friend or relative

Start a blog

OK, that’s enough to get you started!

Thanks to Jocko — November 24, 2010

stop-motion movie making

Thanks to Acefighter — December 1, 2010

Travelling – broaden your horizons!

Thanks to Net — December 10, 2010

manga reading

Thanks to xxt — December 15, 2010

Restarting the computer and checking the time to restart every time.

Thanks to Hari — December 25, 2010

learn magic

Thanks to Anonymous — January 2, 2011

Highland Dancing – great fun and great for your fitness!

Thanks to Anonymous — January 2, 2011


Thanks to sara — January 5, 2011

make homemade beauty products

Thanks to Anonymous — January 9, 2011

43. Riddles
44. Sleepovers
45. UFO’s
46. Birdhouse
47. Dancing
48. Greek Mythology
49. Studying Dreams
50. Math
51. Build Your Own Kite
52. Learn a Language
53. Drama
54. Track

Don’t ask about the numbers; just don’t ask

Thanks to Wolfy — January 13, 2011


Thanks to Jamie — February 6, 2011


Thanks to BigTips — February 7, 2011

Darts. Warhammer 40k

Thanks to Anonymous — February 9, 2011

Falconry, Bonsai Trees, Jigsaw puzzles, Rc cars, rc boats, rc airplanes, shark fishing, these and so many more. Check out this great site for more ideas and tons of info on hobbies.


Thanks to HobbyUniverse — February 15, 2011

free running/parkour
add randomers on facebook

Thanks to jjimbob — February 22, 2011

nice how could we all forget adding randoms on facebook

Thanks to Hobby Holic — February 26, 2011

getting ill

Thanks to Anonymous — March 8, 2011

watching tv

Thanks to Anonymous — March 8, 2011

Flying RC Model Airplanes. This hobby has expanded to huge proportions over the years and is an adreniline heart pounding thrill to do.

Thanks to Gary — April 13, 2011

grow tomatoes

Thanks to vicky — May 1, 2011

Collect quirky foreign objects…for instance, I have an Irish Bottlecork and an Austrian toothpick.

Thanks to Bobby — June 19, 2011

Caligraphy (sp)

Thanks to Kelsey — August 9, 2011

Glass Etching
Play PC Strategy and City Building Games

Thanks to Madge — August 11, 2011

Lamasha,rack painting,sola wood painting,viniar painting,tile painting

Thanks to priyanka kulshreshtha — August 27, 2011

I want to join hobby idea team

Thanks to priyanka kulshreshtha — August 27, 2011


Thanks to pat — October 12, 2011

Make a little club for you and your friends.
Make your own secret language.
Study the things that interest you the most.
Write out your full name in lots of different ways, or if you fancy someone, try writing your name with their last name, it makes you feel happy ;D

Thanks to Anonymous — December 29, 2011

Flying RC airplanes. I recommend this guide if you want to know how to get started.

Thanks to Matt — February 3, 2012

baseball card collecting, doll collecting

Thanks to Anonymous — April 11, 2012

meditate. now.

Thanks to Anonymous — May 8, 2012

Playing with your family
Being a geek
Commenting on web pages
Playing on devices
Obsessing on a topic
Searching the web

Thanks to Britney — June 20, 2012


Thanks to Racman — July 31, 2012

Inkjet print transfer on any surface
like wood canvas metal candles etc..

Thanks to Sunita — February 4, 2013

picnic at the park :)

Thanks to Anonymous — July 11, 2013

I advise everyone to try Capoeira This is a Brazilian martial art. It has elements of dance, acrobatics and nice music.

Thanks to Bobby — May 10, 2014


Thanks to Jasmin — March 24, 2015

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