A tobacco kin makes a great survival kit

A tobacco kin makes a great survival kit

Having a small a small survival kit in your pocket can be very useful, and could even help to keep you alive. It is best made out of a small tobacco tin.

It is small enough to carry with me all the time in the pocket of my barbour coat. Although unlikely to be needed in an extreme survival situation it would be very useful if you went out for a long walk.

You could equally make one out of a plastic take-away container.

When I made my first one – it got used within a few days when one of the kids fell over and needed a plaster!

Here is one we made for my son

Here is one we made for my son

The kit includes above includes

  • Mini swiss army knife
  • A piece of string
  • A carabina with built in torch
  • Fishing line
  • Small fishing float
  • Two fishing hooks and two lead shot
  • Two pound coins (approx $3)
  • A box of matches
  • A pencil
  • Some paper
  • A few plasters
  • There were a few small mints in a plastic tube, but my son ate these.

Other Survival kit contents

  • Cigarette lighter
  • 2 large safety pins
  • 3 plasters
  • Antiseptic wipe
  • Small pen knife
  • 2 fishing hooks
  • Fishing line
  • 2 coffee sachets
  • Sachet of sugar
  • 2 Tea bags
  • Cotton wool
  • Short pencil
  • Three sheets of paper
  • Needle and thread
  • Small torch (like a mini maglite)
  • 2 boiled sweets
  • Possibly an emery board

I’m not sure that all of these would fit inside a survival kit. The kit enables you to do a number of useful things.

  • Light a fire (the cotton wool could be useful for helping to get the fire going)
  • Catch a fish. You can make a pole fishing rod out of a long stick. (Turning over a few stones should help you to find a worm).
  • Minor first aid
  • Make a cup of tea or coffee (provides that you have access to clean water). You can use the base of the tobacco tin as a cup and possibly a saucepan. You could also find a coke can that could also be used for boiling the water.

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Ideas submitted by our readers on: How to make a survival kit

wire saw

Thanks to Anonymous — October 13, 2007

snare wire

Thanks to Anonymous — October 13, 2007

comn domn for carring water

Thanks to Anonymous — February 11, 2008

How to make a personal survival kit:
Find a small pocketsize tin or waterproof box and fill it with some of the components below :

Small disposable lighter
Windproof waterproof lighter
Winproof and Waterproof Matches
Wet Fire Tinder Cubes(burn when wet)
Cotton wool soaked in petrolium jelly(tinder)
Signal mirror
Small Penknife
Small Locknife
Scalpel Blades
Commando wire saw
Space Blanket
Orange Survival Bag
550 Cord/Parachute Cord NOT PARA CORD !(it rots easily,frays and if you open up 550 cord it has 7 smaller strands inside)
Food and Water:
Purification Tablets
Plastic Bag
Snare Wire
Fishing Kit:various hooks,sinkers,snap shot,weights,and various strengths of line
Waterproof paper
Duct Tape
The purpose of a survival kit is for you too survive until rescue arrives and nothing else.If you look at other websites you will see survival kits that are huge,this is a bad idea theres no point being stranded in the woods with your survival kit in the car brcause it was too big or too heavy to carry.

What you put in your kit is up to you this contents list is only a guide,remeber its up too you.If you are not very good at firelighting you might use the space for extra firelighters rather than a pencil.

Another thing don`t put componenets in just for the sake of it, don`t put a sewing kit in if you dont know how to sew.

Lastley choose carefully you might be tempted to coose a vial of windproof matches because they are cheaper than a windproof waterproof lighter and look nice!,BUT choose the matches and you can light 25 fires,chosse the lighter you could light 150 fires +so don`t comprimise!

Lastley choose the type of component that is best for you a good example is the flints better quality ones are bigger and take up less space but poorer quality ones are tiny.It depends on your level of skill and room in your kit which one you pick.

George Sawkins 13

Thanks to Anonymous — March 2, 2008

magnesium striker or flint and steel striker

Thanks to Anonymous — April 4, 2008

comdom (can hold up to 1 leater of water)

Thanks to Anonymous — April 24, 2008

plastic bag and tin foil

Thanks to Anonymous — August 18, 2008

Little container of rubbing alchol

Thanks to Anonymous — November 21, 2008

a whilstle
a coumpas
water purifying tablets

Thanks to keenan — January 10, 2009

A small pocket knife is probably usless, the best knife I can think of for this kit is the Swiss Army Knapsack, it has; lock blade, good saw, toothpick, tweesers, can opener, screw diver, cork screw etc. – but it should be in your pocket anyway.
Those wire saws don’t work very well, although they cut cow horns off good.
What is the emery board for?
I would drop most of the first aid stuff, we can cure infection, but hypothermia would kill you sooner. So add one of those big orange garbadge bags – acts as a rain suit and/or a shelter
If I was packing this much stuff, I would pack a bannock mix in a bag; flour, b.p.and salt, just add water and wrap around a stick to make bread.
I am making my next survival kit around a Cold Steel hollow handle Bushman Knife, check it out.

Thanks to Charlie Smith — March 17, 2009

A good kit should fit in a small rucksakand should have this stuff=.a bowl, cork and needle=fill the bowl with water, float the cork in it then balance the needle on the cork;the pointy end of the needle should point to north.a mirror=the sun will reflect off the mirror and someone will find you if you are lost.a binbag=for a shelter roof or rain mak.poket first aid kit=in case you get hurt.mini calogas stove=for cooking.mini metal saucepan/bowl=to cook/boil stuff in.penknife=you know what thats for.hot choc satchets=for hot chocolate.tins of food+can opener=food.cutlery.blanket.string=to tie stuff up with.a cooking spit
more stuff is on my website=www.sofsite.webs.com

Thanks to Sof — March 31, 2009

I also carry a pack of “Jellybabies” (a soft chewable sweet sold in the UK) which I have been very grateful for to give the energy boost needed to get out of trouble (three times now) after misjudging distance/wind/tide when paddling at sea in bad weather.

Thanks to SimonH — August 16, 2009

Good old (Orange)flare pistol with a dozen of cardthridges! It can make the difference!

Thanks to Anonymous — December 29, 2009

A good range sling Shot with berings

Thanks to Anonymous — December 29, 2009

For food or killed animals or insects…a small pouch of Mixed spices with salt an pepper!

Thanks to Anonymous — December 29, 2009

I would advise a small amount of rations, dried fruit is good.

Thanks to Gareth — January 3, 2010

swiss army knife is best

Thanks to ryan — February 17, 2010

u need a multitool, small flash light,fishing hooks line,tin can, tinder (cottonwool,bar b q firelighters,first aid kit,a fit bird and some good drugs happy days

Thanks to rees — March 9, 2010

rope and survival blanket

Thanks to tdog — April 25, 2010

a watch so you couled find the direction

Thanks to tdog — April 25, 2010

To find the direction using the watch point 12 at the sun and half way between 12 and the hour hand is north (southern hemisphere).

Thanks to Anonymous — May 22, 2010

- knife
- drink bottle
- some rope
- fishing hooks
- fishing line
- compas
- cotton ball (to light)

Thanks to jayden mclellan — May 23, 2010

water purifing tablets
a desposable lighter
tined food
a water bottle (1 liter)
a flare gun
fishing hooks
fishing line
cotton wool
a blanket

Thanks to Elise Hayward — October 9, 2010

Wax paper, it’s very light to carry and will get a fire going no matter how wet your wood is.

Thanks to Betsy Cromer — March 23, 2012

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