welcome home signKate has sent in the following request. Do any of our readers have any ideas?

My brother is bringing his new girlfriend home to england from america both early 30′s

I would like to make the welcome home special – any ideas?

If you have any ideas please drop them in the box below.

Welcome home signs

One rather obvious way would be to post welcome home signs on lamp posts and at street junctions all of the way to the house. This way they would see them on their journey to the house.

Arrange a limousine

You could arrange for them to be picked up from the airport by a limousine. I always fancied having someone meet me with one of those airport signs at the airport. (Sent in by Amy)

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Ideas submitted by our readers on: Welcome Home Ideas

How about a bottle of champagne on ice?

You could bake a cake and put the words “Welcome home” on top of the cake.

One thing to watch out for would be to not make a big meal. People could well have eaten on the plane, or feel very joggled after a long journey. Much better to have a light snack ready prepared and not have too high expectations of them needing to eat.

One thing to be particularly careful of is to cook a special meal

Thanks to jonty — September 9, 2007

Ribbon on the dog

How about putting a ribbon on the dog? Odds on the dog may well be one of the first things that they see.

You could also decorate the house with baloons.

Thanks to AmyP — September 9, 2007

Take rose pedals and make a heart in their room. then write “welcome home” in the heart.

Thanks to Anonymous — December 29, 2007

I took a post-it note and wrote:
Welcome home, I also made a card. It says:
Dad you rock. I have 1 thing to say…
Welcome home

Thanks to Anonymous — March 17, 2008

You could give them a hug?

Thanks to Anonymous — March 21, 2008

Have a photo album about your brother so his friend has a better understanding of his family.

Thanks to Anonymous — April 12, 2008

throw a party

Thanks to Anonymous — May 28, 2008

You can put some of you and ur brother old photos on a CD with music or song play as a slide show on TV when he come in the house.

Thanks to Mei — June 13, 2008

I would like to have a 2 fold welcome home for my sister who will be bringing home her first child (adopted from Russia). We would like to start at the airport with a special hello and then have her house ready and “festive” for the occasion. Any sggestions?

Thanks to Cinda — July 11, 2008

Flowers are always nice.
Every woman loves the smell of roses!

Thanks to Rachael — July 27, 2008

Strawberries and wip cream and the rest is history!

Thanks to kitty — September 18, 2008

make a good dinner

Thanks to natasha wilkins — March 11, 2009

you could make a banner

Thanks to tinkerbell — April 15, 2009

If you have a driveway and sidewalk chalk you can decorate the drive way with welcome home signs!

Thanks to Anonymous — April 26, 2009

I make custom welcome signs for any purpose, wheather it be a yard stake or to hang on the wall. i can make anything up to 4′ wide and 8′ long. “Welcome home” with both of there names on it with a cool scenery in it. email med at nipchips26@aol.com if you are interested. will ship anywhere. hope all goes well!!

Thanks to Matt Miklich — June 1, 2009

you could play her favorite c.d. when she comes in she will hear it

Thanks to Tink — July 24, 2009

you could make a dinner,
invite some close family friends round
make banners
lots oif things

Thanks to tinkerbell — August 13, 2009

well there coming home.. its nothing so WOO
the last thing ur brothers GF needs is to feel guilty about how much effort u made, and she may just want to rest after a long journey. So just stick to the normal WELCOME HOME banner, and make some English tea and bake a cake that also says WELCOME HOME, im sure she’ll be more grateful to you, rather than having baloons and silly string everywhere.. let her rest and for dinner make something VERY english, bangers and mash, i doubt she’ll want the usual USA food
good luck and remember not to over do it, you’ll only embarrass yourself

Thanks to fatty BOOM — October 14, 2009

My boyfriend just got home from his church retreat today. I am going to make him a little welcome home party on Sunday, March 14th. I am going to treat him out to a nice romantic dinner, and go see a movie that he wants to go see, and my grandma is going to make him a welcome home cake for him. So I am going to make a welcome home sign.

Thanks to Justine Martin — March 8, 2010

idk..i like signs and cakes and i like a lot of decoration and attention

Thanks to Elvis Parsley — July 5, 2010

You could
throw a party make her dinner buy her stuff

Thanks to POOPY — July 16, 2010

MAke a banner that says welcome home and make HOME MADE brownies

Thanks to Crouton — July 21, 2010

Make a baner and then buy some balloons and then bake a cake that says welcome home then when they are at home hug ur bro and his girlfriend and if they eat the cake bake them or cook them some thing nice u could make meatballs and they will slurp the spagette and they will kiss then he will use his nose to push the last meatball to her then when they go to there bed room get some petals and throw them in front of them.

Thanks to Justin Bieber — August 24, 2010

you could adopt a pupy or somthin idk what u do just dont be in the house when they get there lol

Thanks to moko — August 27, 2010

You could make a card instead of buying one from the store and personalize it.

Thanks to Chritian ELlis — January 30, 2011

Make fav food
Scrap Box
Watch fav movie

Thanks to Shadow — March 22, 2011

You could make a banner so the person that’s coming home feels welcome! :)

Thanks to Miranda — March 30, 2011

Just make them feel special, put all attention on them. They might be tired from the flight so maybe make a trail of cards saying quotes or something up to their bed, rest might be what they need. You could watch a classic movie as a family or have the table set with candles for a meal as a family. If it were me I’d do the card trail, I’d bake a cake, make a banner and/or a card and I’d buy a let go lantern – as a family set it off and watch it drift into the nights sky together:)

Thanks to Rebekah — June 5, 2011

Just make sure you leave them alone after the surprise, they’re tired

Thanks to MWAHAHAHAH!!!!! — June 28, 2011

You should make a banner, hang up balloons, make a nice dinner. You could throw a surprise party, invite friends over and have everyone jump out when the person comes in. :)

Thanks to Mariska — August 8, 2011

I would take a single sheet and get some finger panit and let friends and family put their hand prints on it with the words Welcome Home in the middle. I did that for my husband when he came home from deploymnet. My friends in our little area put their hands on the sheet and we hung it up next to the road the day he came home.

Thanks to Tabitha — September 17, 2011

My bf is coming home today from central america… hot, dirty , muggy and buggy- making a basket for bathroom with shower goodies, uber toothbrush fresh towels. Also using kid chalk and writing wlecome home on the driveway when he pulls in… and when he opens the fridge there will be a keylime cheesecake with his name on it;)

Thanks to nachos — October 21, 2011

i made a sign with post its saying welcome back

Thanks to andy reed — January 26, 2012

just A card

Thanks to jazmin — April 22, 2012

Paint a big baner for him when he comes home for deplyment

Thanks to Anonymous — May 12, 2012

play twister

Thanks to ha — May 13, 2012

or arrange rose petals in the shape of a heart in
front of the door so theyll see it when they come in but dont put it on the driveway cause theyll run it over without even noticing it.

Thanks to haa — May 13, 2012

I’m going to have a silly string fight and cup cakes :)

Thanks to chris — July 26, 2012

Make a favourite cake, and some cards, with on one side “welcome home” on another something funny

Thanks to Noda Megumi — August 11, 2012

Pick them up from the airport drive them a beautiful way home

Thanks to Anonymous — August 12, 2012


Thanks to KATHY — November 23, 2012


Thanks to KATHY — November 23, 2012

Have all the friends and family at the airport and do a flash mob.

Thanks to Erick naidoo — January 10, 2013

Tell them that they are special and do something fun with them,

Thanks to Veronica — February 22, 2013

You could start off by decorating the outside of your house with streamers, then you could get balloons on the outsude and when the walk into the house they could walk into a big group hug with banners and cupcakes and cards and love <3

Thanks to Chole — March 29, 2013

Cosplay as gamzee and karkat (me karkat friend gamzee) and make sopour slime pies while insulting dave strider and talking about how gay eridan is and singing karkats virsion of jingle bells.

Thanks to lee — November 20, 2013

Flowers :-)

Thanks to h — April 3, 2014

Seranaide them????

Thanks to Bryan — June 24, 2014

Make them a nice dinner, and just celebrate.

Thanks to Grace — June 29, 2014

according to the custom of certain places in India one can welcom a loved one with arathi and chandan.

Thanks to rose — August 30, 2014

Make a cake with streams and banners and make them feel at home.

Thanks to Alexis mclain — October 1, 2014

I think you should put a sighn up saying welcome home

Thanks to brenna — March 23, 2015

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